Social Media

Your window to customer perceptions

Monitor social media listening posts to hear what customers are saying, manage negative commentary, and identify emerging trends.  


Our KnowledgeForce® technology platform integrates data from your social media feeds. Natural language processing analyses sentiment and categorises commentary. Data visualisations allow you to see trends in both sentiment and category volumes, and search capabilities help you find specific text. This rich social commentary integrates with all data streams to give your brand and every location a single view into opportunities and challenges.

We'll take negative commentary offline and respond to the customers' needs from our contact centre. That both protects your brand and satisfies customer needs. We'll help you amplify positive commentary by encouraging customers to post from our surveys to social media pages. The result? A powerful social media presence that takes advantage of every opportunity to engage with your customers. 

Social media is here to stay

The emergence of social media has given consumers a whole new way to interact with the brands they love — and a forum to complain when brands disappoint. But what many companies have learned is just how powerful connecting one-on-one with customers can be when those consumers take the time to post.

Market Force provides brands and their locations with three social media tools: 

  1. When your customers give you positive ratings from surveys, we provide them with an opportunity to do three things:
    a) Post a positive comment to your brand's Facebook account
    b) Tweet about their experience or follow your brand's Twitter account
    c) Place a review on Trip Advisor
  2. When your customers post negative commentary on your social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, our contact centre agents can take those comments offline, trace the comments to a specific site, and respond. 
  3. Social media commentary from your own Facebook and Twitter feeds—plus sites where you have existing relationships—feed into our platform. We use text analytics to understand sentiment, text categories and subcategories, trending over time, and provide capabilities for specific topics. 

Your customers are talking about you all over the web. Now what? Market Force social media monitoring gives you ability to: 

  • Monitor sentiment for product offerings, service, facilities, or price and value
  • Track by source, sentiment, and search term
  • Track keywords and visually monitor keywords using tag clouds to easily identify the top themes across all of your social media content
  • View all social media data within KnowledgeForce’s convenient online dashboards
  • View social media data against other relevant data, such as customer satisfaction, mystery shop scores, audits, contact centre issues, and financial data

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