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Brands spend millions on promotional programmes and pricing strategies. But even the most brilliant campaigns or carefully calibrated price promotions can fail if locations do not execute them correctly. So it naturally makes sense that these brands would want to protect and maximise that investment with an objective measure of compliance; in-store audits.

Market Force’s in-store auditing services leverage the world’s largest network of over 400,000 independent contractors to audit product placement, point-of-sale (POS) materials, signage, promotions and detailed operational procedures. We become your eyes and ears to ensure your strategies are executed in every location.

Product Placement and Promotions

Brands put significant budget behind their marketing promotions—but those pounds are wasted if those promotions are not correctly implemented in the field. Market Force audits the presence and placement of marketing materials as well as product displays, adherence to planograms and pricing.

Staff Behaviour

Staff training programmes require significant investments. Once that training is complete, sales associates need to comply with your brand standards. Market Force audits how well staff execute on your training—whether those standards relate to beverage upsell in restaurants, solutions selling in retail or the greet, thanks and appreciate process for grocery cashiers. We’ll help you determine the ROI of your training budget so you can continue to invest and engage your employees.

Employee Engagement

Out of Stock

Customers can’t buy products that are out of stock. Out of stock audits report what’s missing in stores real time. Patterns of out-of-stock merchandise can help you develop more precise distribution programmes to ensure all stores have the stock they need to increase basket size and sales. Even moderate improvements in in-stock conditions, pricing accuracy and promotional compliance can have a substantial impact to the bottom line. Now that is ROI worth driving!


According to a recent study by IHL Group, out of stocks alone cost brands $129.5 billion in lost sales. In-store audits can help identify when client locations are non-compliant and provide real time reporting to help resolve store conditions to improve returns on product and promotional plans. Sometimes it pays to ‘inspect what you expect’ and collaborate with your channel partners to drive the right results. Let Market Force leverage its network of auditors to be a part of that performance improvement effort.

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Learn more about our sales effectiveness audits. You can also complete compliance audits with Market Force auditors or your own team and utilise our mobile app, Eyes:On.

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