Location Level Insights and Action

Protect your brand's reputation.

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Our Best Practices

Strategic relevance

Implementing any compliance or customer experience (CX) programme requires significant investment. Market Force ensures that our programmes align to your company’s strategy and addresses the needs of stakeholders ranging from the C-suite to the individual operators and franchisees.

Multiple lenses

We recommended using multiple sources of data to assess customer experience and operational excellence for every location. Use mystery shopping to assess compliance with brand standards, customer experience surveys to assess loyalty, and contact centre and social media to manage risk. All of these data streams provide important views into brand and location-level performance and are integrated in one place on our platform.

Control the future

Nothing is more frustrating than flatlined scores showing no change. To improve operational excellence and customer experience, you will need to know where to apply your precious resources and the expected ROI for that effort. Market Force creates predictive algorithms from your data that enables decision makers to focus on where their efforts will matter most and the ROI they can expect.

Single pane of glass

Decision-makers need simplicity. Market Force’s technology platform provides a single place to view structured and unstructured data, including mystery shopping, contact centre, customer experience surveys, audits, and financials. Data visualisations enable executives and store managers to absorb information and quickly take action.

Business performance improvement

Every organisation will have A, B, and C teams. Setting the right criteria for success—and then holding teams accountable for creating action plans and driving change—will be critical to the brand’s ability to protect its reputation and ensure consistent execution across all locations.

As Featured in The Business Reporter

Multi-location businesses such as restaurants, retail stores and banks are challenged with delivering on their brand promise across hundreds or even thousands of locations. Dr Cheryl Flink, Chief Strategy Officer at Market Force Information, outlines a three-step process for ensuring each and every location excels.

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