Employee Engagement Surveys

Ask the ambassadors of your brand

The link between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction has been validated through various academic and trade industry research over the past twenty years. Satisfied employees who are engaged with the brands they represent create better experiences and value for customers across the board—and that results in wallet share and referrals. The impact of true employee satisfaction can’t be imitated with just operational standards and instructions.


Market Force’s Frontline Employee Satisfaction Surveys allow you to:


  • Measure the engagement of employees with your brand
  • Identify areas of risk for the business
  • Link the impact of employee satisfaction to customer satisfaction.

    Our employee satisfaction surveys assess 10 areas that can impact both employee retention AND customer satisfaction, including:


  • Resources: Employees have the required tools, training and resources to do their jobs
  • Teamwork: The organization supports teamwork and the mutual achievement of common goals
  • Work-Life Balance: The ability to balance the demands of work against time for family and play
  • Opportunities for Growth: Career paths and employee development
  • Pride in Product/Service: Pride in the quality of the product or service produced by the company
  • Mission and Purpose: Alignment of individual goals against corporate goals
  • Management: Management’s ability to support employees and get the job done
  • Fairness: Policies and problem resolution
  • Communication: Clarity and appropriate knowledge transfer
  • Engagement: Commitment to the brand and organization

    Market Force will help you identify the employee perceptions that have the biggest impact on employee satisfaction and retention for your unique brand —from store to regional to brand level—so that you can take the right actions at the right locations. And if you also collect customer feedback data, our analytics team can link the two research methods together to identify your biggest opportunities for cost-effectively improving the bottom line.


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