Market Force Customer Intercept Survey

Customer Intercept Surveys

Know your customers. But also know your competitors’ customers.


Do you wish you could talk to customers who left your store or restaurant—without purchasing and why? Do you wish you could hear from customers who did not get far enough with your brand to fill out a point-of-sale survey?


A customer intercept study is an alternate research method for reaching actual and not quite customers that are not captured via more traditional site-level research methods like mystery shopping or customer satisfaction surveys. Customer intercept studies can help you identify consumers who purchased AND those who walked out the door without purchasing—and why. They can help you understand the viewpoint of consumers who chose NOT to fill out a survey and capture their first-hand experience on-site at your locations.


 Know the reason why:

  • Understand how both current customers and prospects view your service and product offerings
  • Understand the reasons behind missed revenue and lost potential customers
  • Measure the brand experience for specific research questions with a multi-location view
  • Improve operational performance to maximize conversion rates
  • Determine if your on-site strategy is working
  • Measure whether training dollars are effective by understanding the sales process experienced by consumers

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