Customer Intelligence Platform


Market Force’s Customer Intelligence Platform, KnowledgeForceSM, is designed for consumer-facing companies interested in consolidating multiple customer-related data streams—whether supplied by Market Force or another third-party data provider—to enable executives to spend less time finding problems, so they can focus more time on fixing problems to improve performance.


Multiple customer measurements can be insightful and critical to ROI, but they can also be confusing and sometimes contradictory. KnowledgeForce not only combines but also truly integrates and correlates all relevant measurements to enable companies to quickly monitor all incoming indices, to craft blended metrics, and to call out specific focus areas for additional attention during the course of operations.


KnowledgeForce makes the complexities of your customer and your in-store realities simple to understand and act on. This powerful reporting and analytics interface enables users from executives to location managers - to quickly drill down to the data they need to make fast but confident decisions.


  • Dynamic data integration and presentation on the fly
  • Configurable dashboard with multiple portlets
  • Guided navigation, click paths, role-based views
  • Trending
  • Built-in analytics
  • Real time updates
  • Ability to quickly integrate multiple data streams/applications


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