Customer Intelligence Maturity Model

Customer Intelligence Maturity Model

Where are you on the customer curve?

Through our work with more than 300 of the world’s leading brands, we’ve spent years culling a set of customer experience best practices and methods that underpin most of the very best performing retailers, restaurants and multi-location businesses. These brands know that customer recommendations, likelihood to return and average transaction amount double between a satisfied customer and a delighted customer… and they have figured out just how to drive to the difference across all of their locations. To do it, they keep the customer at the center of their business in a meticulously measured, strategically efficient way.


Roadmap to ROI

We have codified these proven best practices into a Customer Intelligence Maturity Model℠(CIMM)—an assessment framework across five key areas that helps teams measure how well they know their customers, pinpoint their most costly weaknesses and deliver a performance at each store that drives real sales improvements.  


CIMM is a customer intelligence roadmap that assesses where you are on the road to customer delight (beyond just satisfaction)and how efficiently your customer investments are being spent.


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