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Finding the shortest path to profit.


In-store data like customer satisfaction surveys, mystery shopping and retail audits can tell you what is happening at your locations, and how your customers are responding. But the data can also be contradictory, and it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what matters most to drive improvements in same-store sales. All stores aren’t alike: They contrast between small and large, urban and suburban, brand-new and older, high traffic and low.With all this complexity, customer experience data and operational performance metrics can be apples and oranges without proper statistical integration. To really make the linkage to sales growth, you need custom models that account for all that ‘messiness’ in the data and identify exactly where you should be focusing your attention to grow your sales. That’s the role of advanced analytics. And Advanced Analytics is where Market Force excels.


Advanced Analytics uses your customer intelligence data to map out what matters most to your customers, store by store, in order to drive real, even predicted sales.


The Market Force Ph.D. analytics team provides both loyalty and financial analytics, patent-pending predictive sales modeling and correlations between data types to give you custom recommendations based on modeling to your financials. You can be confident that those recommendations accurately indicate where to focus, why to focus there and what you can expect in financial return if you do.


Advanced Analytics Solutions:

Criticality Modeling

Predictive Analytics

Text Analytics