Criticality Modeling

What matters most for your bottom line?


Your data may surprise you. Businesses like yours are complex and your customers even more so. Sometimes what you think is driving your business toward success is actually a backseat passenger. Sometimes a staff behavior you’re not even measuring is leaving millions on the table. There’s only one way to find out.


Market Force’s criticality models can help you precisely identify the key ‘criticality’ factors that have the most impact on your business. For your operations efforts, this means a strategic map of your current customer satisfaction landscape and the shortest path to customer delight and revenue growth.


Your data may tell you what behaviors your employees are exhibiting in your stores. But what employee behaviors in your stores really matter to your customers? How much more? How do your stores map to those behaviors?


Here's what analytics can do for you:


First - Aggregate, integrate and trend your results. Your data is now legible and actionable to you and your team.


Next – Identify the key drivers of satisfaction (and dissatisfaction) for your unique business, ranked according to their influence. Tease out toxic dissatisfiers, detailed levels of satisfaction, top and bottom store performers and gap analysis.


Finally – Rely on your criticality ROI model to provide recommended changes down to each individual store. The goal – not just satisfaction, but customer delight (proven to generate twice as many repeat visits and recommendations over plain old satisfaction). Precise calculations are supported by the patent-pending Loyalty Lift Calculator.


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