Market Force Solutions for Convenience Stores & Gas Stations

Convenience Stores and Gas Stations

Fueling Operational Excellence to Win Customer Loyalty

Fast. Convenient. One-Stop Shopping. It’s the brand promise of every convenience store.  How do you out-win the competition with a superior customer experience? And improve your bottom line with operational excellence?

With numerous store locations in both metropolitan and remote areas, measuring the system-wide customer experience and keeping an eye on operations presents a challenge for most convenience store and petroleum companies.

Market Force provides the geographic coverage you need with a field network of over 600,000 individuals. Through our range of products and services we provide the customer intelligence with the insights and on-site action you need to effectively manage your customer’s experience and stay ahead of your competition.


Use Market Force On-Site Services to:

  • Monitor program execution and operational compliance across all your locations with On-Site Audits
  • Assess operational performance in areas including customer greeting and cleanliness of the store, restrooms and fueling area with mystery shopping evaluations
  • Verify compliance with branding and pump labeling guidelines
  • Understand customer attitudes and perceptions on topics including safety, cleanliness and overall satisfaction with customer surveys
  • Capture key item pricing across your locations and those of your competitors with Pricing Reports

Use Market Force Data & Analysis Services to:

  • Identify business levers where improvements will generate the highest returns
  • Uncover additional revenue opportunities
  • Highlight top performing locations across your organization and identify the drivers of that success
  • Automatically deliver performance-based training or rewards at the individual location–level