Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Top Shelf



The shelf can be a crowded place. Consumers have rows of products to choose from – what does it take to get them to try your product, let alone become loyal to it week after week? And how can you be sure your product is being promoted by sales staff, the right way, at every location.


Market Force helps you build, measure and sustain your in-store competitive presence. Ensure that sales staff are promoting your products correctly. Check that your products are priced competitively. Listen to your customer segments to draw out what is working and where you could use a leg up.


With Market Force you can:

  • Compare listed pricing for your products against your brand standards and against those of your competitors on the shelves with Competitive Pricing
  • Ensure successful product launches across all points of distribution
  • Understand customer attitudes, perceptions and in-store decisions regarding your products with Customer Satisfaction solutions
  • Understand what factors about your product’s presentation on the shelf matter the most to your sales and where. Identify what exactly drives customers to be loyal to your brand over time and what drives them to recommend you to others Get insights like these with ground-breaking Advanced Analytics such as the Loyalty Life Calculator
  • Put it all of this into action with KnowledgeForceSM, a completely integrated customer intelligence technology platform that pushes results down to the store level for maximum accountability

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