Competitive Evaluations

Stay a step ahead of your Competitors


To keep your loyal customers and earn market share, you really have to know your competitors' business as well as yours: how they perform, where they excel or fall short and how you compare.


Market Force Competitive Evaluations deliver objective information on your competitors across a set of consistent measures that you define–information you can’t get from internal assessments or loosely structured competitive analysis programs.


Using our extensive network of shoppers and auditors to evaluate your operations and those of your competitors from the customer’s perspective, we enable you to:


Measure Your Competitors in Terms of

  • Price Tracking with Pricemark
  • Staff appearance, friendliness and politeness
  • Wait and service time
  • Quality and timeliness of customer greeting
  • Overall atmosphere of the location
  • Overall product or service quality
  • Cleanliness and general appearance of location—both interior and exterior
  • Store and product layout
  • Product/service selection and availability
  • Execution of promotional programs
  • Cleanliness, functionality and stock condition of restrooms
  • Overall on-site customer experience

So You Can

  • Benchmark your locations against your competitors'
  • Pinpoint the source of differences in competitive performance
  • Identify key drivers of sales and market share by correlating shifts in these areas to fluctuations in your operational metrics versus your competition's
  • Develop operational procedures and training programs targeting areas where you have a competitive disadvantage
  • Optimize your customer experience by bringing proven processes to your own operations
  • Create promotional programs which speak to your strengths relative to the competition
  • Develop effective pricing, promotion and service strategies


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