The Customer Intelligence Investment



What drives the ultimate banking experience?  More than just standard tangibles like location convenience, interior quality or ATM availability. When it comes to financial services, it’s all about the human touch—your employees.  And with the quality and friendliness of their service, every employee represents your brand as they attempt to earn the trust of your customers.


You can’t be everywhere at once. Market Force can help you ensure that your staff exhibits efficiency, skill at problem resolution, knowledge of product portfolio, attention to individual needs, warmth and trustworthiness at every location. With a long history of supporting the banking and financial industries, Market Force has the expertise and knowledge to understand your unique needs, along with a discreet force of 600,000 independent contractors globally at your disposal.


If you want your customers to invest in you, invest in them for the ultimate payoff.

  • Assess operational performance in areas such as customer service, wait time and transactional proficiency with branch and teller mystery shopping evaluations
  • Understand sales effectiveness across your stores, including product explanations, description and information disclosure requirements with mystery shopping
  • Understand customer attitudes, perceptions of their experience and comfort/confidence in your staff with customer satisfaction information
  • Compare pricing for your products and services versus that of your competitors with our syndicated Competitive Pricing
  • Understand what specific factors about your branch experience drive comfort, confidence and loyalty. Identify what changes could earn you more loyal customers and get your loyal customers to recommend you to others. Get insights like these with ground-breaking Advanced Analytics such as the Loyalty Life Calculator.
  • Put it all of this into action with KnowledgeForceSM, a completely integrated customer intelligence technology platform that pushes results down to the branch level for maximum accountability.


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