About Market Force

About Market Force

Customer Intelligence. Companies use this emerging new practice to understand what is most important to their customers. To encourage them to come more often. Spend more when they do. And recommend to others. Market Force is at the forefront of this new practice.


We use customer intelligence to help multi-location businesses to delight their customers and drive performance in a strategic, efficient and profitable way.


Yes, we provide best in class customer experience information. But we also crunch it, combine it and correlate it with real sales data and predictive models so that it can be the most useful to our clients and their teams.


Our credentials? We are not just pioneers of the emerging customer intelligence industry. We also happen to be the largest mystery shopping and merchandising company in the world with experience going back to 1972. We’ve been doing this for decades. And from all that experience, we’ve even come up with a Customer Intelligence Maturity Model to guide our clients in their approach to their customers based on Fortune 500 best practices.


Given all of that, it's no surprise that we have:

  • More than 350 of the world’s leading brands as clients.
  • Almost every customer experience data stream imaginable, from mystery shopping to customer satisfaction to social media.
  • The largest mystery shopper network in the world.
  • By far the highest standards for quality assurance and accuracy for that shopper network.
  • High completion rates.
  • An Analytics team of PHD statisticians.


Our Customer Intelligence solutions:

Operational Excellence

Customer Satisfaction

Advanced Analytics

Customer Intelligence Platform


Industries we specialize in:



Grocery and Drug

Consumer Packaged Goods


Nonbank Financial Services

Movie Theatre and Motion Picture Studio


Industry Expertise:

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