About Our Customer Intelligence Solutions

About our Solutions

Your customers have more choice today than ever before. And they listen to each other. One bad experience has a magnified effect. A good one could lead to a lifetime of loyalty.  So getting the customer experience right is critical – every time.


But getting it right takes insight. A lot of it.

Customer surveys. In-store audits. Mystery shops. Contact center data. Social Media. These days, it’s increasingly difficult to make sense of it all.


Enter Market Force's customer intelligence solutions. A new insight system pioneered by Market Force and shaped by some of the biggest companies in the world.


Customer Intelligence helps you identify:

  • What matters most to your customers
  • How your stores are performing against those expectations
  • What specific improvements at which locations will drive the biggest impact to your bottom line.

But how? By leveraging highly varied forms of customer data — from customer satisfaction to mystery shopping to transaction records - then layering sophisticated, targeted Analytics on top of that resulting in statistically predictive recommendations, hosted on a single, blended and intelligent technology platform, KnowledgeForceSM.


Learn more about:

Operational Excellence: Mystery shopping, audits, and more

Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction surveys, call center, and more

Advanced Analytics: Predictive, sales-based analytics, loyalty lift calculator, and more

KnowledgeForce: Our cutting-edge decision support system